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Points Policy


mchairwig Points Policy

Points equals to dollars! 100 points = $1

How to get points?


Every newcomer can get 100 points for signing up with mchairwig. The points will be added automatically to your account.

2.Place Order

The amount of your completed order can generate corresponding points.(Ex. $100=100points). The points will be added automatically to your account.

3.Product Review

Post positive comments on the product you ordered, 100 pionts will add to your account once verified.

4.Style Gallery

Upload your beautiful and clearly photos to the style gallery, you can earn 200-800 points according to your pics quality.

5. Post on Social Media

Youtube: 1000-2000 points according to your video quality.

Facebook: 200-500 points depending on the post quality

Instagram: 200-500 points according to your post quality

Google plus: 100 points

Twitter: 100 points

Pinterest: 100 points